Our nation and has shown its power to the whole world as a unity

Our nation showed its force, magnitude, justice and many other its traits to the world as a whole and unity.

Thanks to God.

As being Grand Bazaar tradesmen, we wish the best for our nation and we wish God’s mercy and grace for our martyrs who lost their life in national struggle also wish the rest in the divine light. Their blood is as sacred as the blood of the martyrs of Çanakkale.

The duty that we have to do accomplish now is to maintain our business and to know awareness of our responsibility.

For some security reasons, our shops may not be open for a while. However, we will be keeping our promise and protect our sacred homeland.

From Nadir to Giza


It is believed that the Giza Pyramids were built during old kingdom period approximately in 3000 BC. These are Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure pyramids, and they were named after the pharaohs who had them built.

Pyramids of Giza are the world’s largest pyramids; and the construction of them still remains a mystery. Assuming that the workers superimposed 10 cubic meters of stone per day with an extraordinary effort, 2.5 million cubic meters of stone located in Khufu Pyramid could be placed in 250.000 days – namely 664 years. However, the pyramids had been completed in a period of 20-30 years.

Also called the Great Pyramid, Khufu Pyramid is the tomb of  Khufu – one of the 4th dynasty era rulers – who reigned in about 2800 BC.  When it comes to the seven wonders of the world, the only artifact that reached the present day is the Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt.

The second largest pyramid Khafre belongs to emperor Khafre who had become pharaoh after the death of his brother Khufu. The pyramid of Khafre is referred to as the second pyramid. It was built after the Pyramid of Khufu.

And the small pyramid of Menkaure belongs to Menkaure who reigned in about 2500 BC. Menkaure Pyramid is the smallest pyramid of Giza. It was completed after the death of Menkaure by his son Shepseskaf.

For those of us who brought many innovations in the previous meetings under the guidance of history by protecting the history, it is essential to carry on fulfilling the necessities of our customer standarts and historical mission. That being said,  at the CNR EXPO 2106 March Fair which was held this year for the 42nd time, we are joyous and proud of presenting the Egyptian Pyramids to our domestic and foreign customers’ taste.

For the production of Nadir Metal’s Giza Pyramids which made from 157 kilograms of gold, 1408 pieces of 100 grams of gold and 160 pieces of 100 grams of corner mould were used.  After a 45 day period of planning and construction phase accompanied by a team of 25 professional craftsman, it had become presentable to our visitors’ taste. 

This service of demonstrating the historic process of the pyramids we are offering to our people with micro-opportunities is an indication that the agelong mystery of the pyramids is enough to excite Nadir as well as the mankind. As such in everything that comes to light, this mystery will also attract the curiosity of human history forever and ever. 

LBMA / LPPM Precious Metals Conference 2015

LBMA / LPPM Precious Metals Conference 2015
18.-20 October 2015

Senior representatives of all sectors of the precious metals markets will be in attendance at the LBMA/LPPM Precious Metals Conference, the premier event in the industry calendar. Now in its 16th year, the Conference adds insight into the vital issues affecting the precious metals markets. The 2014 Conference was held in Lima, with more than 400 delegates in attendance from 37 countries and 188 separate companies represented. This year’s conference brings us back to Europe for the first time since the conference in Rome in 2013, when we had record attendance of more than 800 delegates.



The most precious of the exposition “Nadir Metal’s Maiden’s Tower”

At the CNR EXPO October Fair which was held this year for the 41st time, attracting our customer’s and world press’ attention, the golden Maiden’s Tower hit the headlines for four days of exhibition as the most talked about project of the fair.

The most precious of the exposition “Nadir Metal’s Maiden’s Tower”


Dating back 2,500 years, this unique structure has lived through a history which is equivalent to İstanbul’s, and became an eyewitness to whatever this city has encountered. From Ancient Greek to Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, with a history that began in ancient times, it has been able to come so far while existing in all historical periods. 

There are many legends told about the Maiden’s Tower which has been used for many purposes up to the present; such as the Snake Story, BattalGazi, Lion Gate, the Story of Famous Poet NazımHikmet…

The past is our other half. At the previous March Exposition, we said hello to our country and world marketfrom past to present by means of the commemorative coins prepared in memory of Çanakkale victory’s 100th anniversary. This year as well, we prepared the Maiden’s Tower project with the same enthusiasm as the custodians of the heritage left to us. Rather than us, the combination of east and west created by the exerted manual labor and technology was the cause of the intense interest shown by the local and international press. As Nadir Metal, we exist as long as we create a link between the past and the present, and we will continue to be there.

At the CNR EXPO October Fair which was held this year for the 41st time, attracting our customer’s and world press’ attention, the golden Maiden’s Tower hit the headlines for four days of exhibition as the most talked about project of the fair. The build phase of the Maiden’s Tower was completed in 25 days by our craftsmen. For the tower walls which weigh 71,640 grams in total, 100 grams and 50 grams of 24-carat gold; for the roof and housetops, 1 gram of Nadir 22-carat gold; and for the base and domes, 24-carat cast gold has been used. 

When we evaluate the fair in general, in addition to the great interest in the Maiden’s Tower, we can say that we left behind quite a productive exposition period while providing the opportunity to introduce our products to our local and foreign customers as well as having the chance of meeting face to face with our customers who have been growing with us for many years. 

The Turkey Eurasia Mining Show

The Turkey Eurasia Mining Show
September 08-09, 2015

This year, the 4th Turkey Eurasia Mining Show 2015 conference was held with the participation of mining companies, investors and senior government representatives from all over the world, and also Nadir Metal Refinery.
Foreign companies coming from abroad came together on the purpose of obtaining and sharing information about mining operations, prospecting activities and mining legislations in Turkey; and the interest of the international arena was pleasing. Conferences given in an attempt to assess and develop the issues oriented to the future of the mining industry and the one on one interviews with the companies in the international mining industry has provided efficient and successful interactions on behalf of our company.

Nadir, on the Chamber of Industry 500 List at 60th place!

Nadir, preserves its place on the list of “Turkeys biggest 500 Companies”, in 2011 at 127th place, in 2012 at 19th place, in 2013 at 29th place and in 2014 at 60th place.

Nadir made the traditionalistic 2015/q1 “Personnel and Manager Training” meeting

Parallel with the growth of the business volume, Nadir continues to expand and train its technical working, qualified staff. Held at certain times of the year, this meeting was conducted under the presidency of Board Chairman Nadir Tütüncü, CEO Abdullah Tütüncü and General Manager Burak Yakın with the participation of all employees. Trainings contained following topics:

  • Prevention of Laundering of Crime Revenues
  • Compliance With the Guidance For Responsible Gold
  • Risk Guide
  • Responsibilities Under the Legislation Of Crime Revenues
  • ‘Know-Your-Customer’ Principles
  • Documenting the Processes

An Award from Borsa İstanbul to Nadir Döviz

Nadir Döviz, one of the subsidiary of Nadir Metal Refinery, had another huge succeess by taking 3rd rank award in the “Precious Metals and Diamond Markets” branch regarding transaction volume placement. The ceremony in which12 investment companies that had the highest transaction volume in 2014 rewarded by Borsa İstanbul was hold on the day of 31 March 2015.

The awards were presented to investment institutions which had succeeded in the market “Precious Metals and diamond Market, Derivatives Market, Equities, Debt Instruments.” Followingly the Borsa İstanbul General Assembly, Talat Ulussever, who was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Borsa Istanbul, attended the award ceremony held with the participation of new Board Members and Assistant General Managers; the investment companies that entered the first three and had highest trading volume in 4 different markets in 2014were awarded, In the organized ceremony, Nadir Döviz ve Kıymetli Maden Ticareti A.Ş. were considered worthy to be given the 3rd rank award in the branch of Exchange “Precious Mining and Diamond Stones”


Nadir Döviz, the first exchange office of Turkey which has ISO 9001 certification Exchange, began operations in 1997, as a member of Istanbul Gold Exchange with the member No. 076 ,took place in the 10% zone in the market for years. Nadir Döviz, which has a wide range of services of buying and selling grams of gold as well as foreign trade, purchase, sale of Ottoman, jewelry and mint products, exchange of 14, 18, 22 carat gold coins, exchange of gold wedges. Nadir Exchange also provides trading services of precious metals such as silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Nadir Döviz that adds new successes to its success every year also realizes sales and distribution of Nadir Gold branded products which aremanufactured by Nadir Metal Rafineri throughout Turkey.


Nadir Metal Refinery attended İstanbul Jewelry Show as it does every year. On the second day of the show, Chamber of Jewellery Exporters organized a glorious night at which honorary award was presented to Nadir Metal Refinery’s founder and chairman, Nadir Tütüncü.