We are well aware ,we are also with you as Nadir Family.

In the name of “Art and Us”, this project which was realized by the Foundation for Education and Solidarity for the Mentally Handicapped in İstabul (İZEV) has put faces of young people with down syndrome onto the faces of world famous 12 paintings.

In order to contribute to the project named “Art and Us” which gaves the message “We are different but we exist, too”, Nadir Metal Refinery has produced a special gold collection which contains six customized, gram of 24 carad gold with the motto “We are well aware, we are also with you as Nadir Family”

All revenue from the sale of 500 limited-produced gram bars will be transferred to the IZEV foundation and it will be contributed to the socialization and independency of mentally challenged individuals.

Products are available at selected sales points and at NadirGold.com.

You kindly can review the products for detailed information.

Nadir Metal has expanded its field of recycling

Nadir Metal has expanded its field of recycling

Recovery of Precious Metal from wastes

Wastes that may be considered worthless to many industrial enterprises are likely to be convertible into raw materials.

In this scope, we provide recovery of waste under the Permit / License No. 3062, which was obtained from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization by Nadir Metal Refinery.

Document / Certificates

Environmental Permit and Certificate