Nadir Döviz was established in 1997 and is a member of the Istanbul Gold Exchange under the number 076. It is the first exchange office with an ISO 9001 certification in Turkey. In 2013, its turnover reached 3.8 billion USD in gold and 152.5 USD million in silver. Continuously increasing its transaction volume at the Istanbul Gold Exchange, Nadir Döviz ranked at the third place in gold and the second place in silver in 2014. It is the wholesaler and distributor of Nadir Metal’s products in Turkey.


  • Exchange of currencies
  • Trading of gold bars and coins
  • Trading of Turkish State Mint’s products
  • Trading of silver bars and grains
  • Trading of platinum, palladium, rhodium

Nadir Gold ITALY

With London Bullion Market Association’s (LBMA) accreditation for gold in 2011 and for silver in 2012, the activities in the European region gained speed and Nadir Gold Italy was established at the end of the same year.

Nadir Gold Italy is marketing all products and services of Nadir Metal Refinery, especially managing sales and after-sales services of Nadir branded gram bars.

NMR Hediyelik Eşya

Being established in 2013, NMR Hediyelik Eşya Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd. is selling NADİR branded gold and silver gram bars through its online web site ‘’ and has become a reliable source for online gold purchasing internet users.

NMR Gayrimenkul

In 2013, NMR Gayrimenkul was established as a joint venture between Tütüncü and Yakin Families to invest in real estate projects. Yakin Family who successfully carried out many projects especially in Şişli region since 1994 shared its knowledge and projects with Nadir Metal Refinery which is aiming new investments and since 2013, it carries on the activity as an affiliate of Nadir Metal Refinery under the name of NMR Gayrimenkul İnşaat Ind. and Trade Inc.