An Award from Borsa İstanbul to Nadir Döviz

Nadir Döviz, one of the subsidiary of Nadir Metal Refinery, had another huge succeess by taking 3rd rank award in the “Precious Metals and Diamond Markets” branch regarding transaction volume placement. The ceremony in which12 investment companies that had the highest transaction volume in 2014 rewarded by Borsa İstanbul was hold on the day of 31 March 2015.

The awards were presented to investment institutions which had succeeded in the market “Precious Metals and diamond Market, Derivatives Market, Equities, Debt Instruments.” Followingly the Borsa İstanbul General Assembly, Talat Ulussever, who was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Borsa Istanbul, attended the award ceremony held with the participation of new Board Members and Assistant General Managers; the investment companies that entered the first three and had highest trading volume in 4 different markets in 2014were awarded, In the organized ceremony, Nadir Döviz ve Kıymetli Maden Ticareti A.Ş. were considered worthy to be given the 3rd rank award in the branch of Exchange “Precious Mining and Diamond Stones”


Nadir Döviz, the first exchange office of Turkey which has ISO 9001 certification Exchange, began operations in 1997, as a member of Istanbul Gold Exchange with the member No. 076 ,took place in the 10% zone in the market for years. Nadir Döviz, which has a wide range of services of buying and selling grams of gold as well as foreign trade, purchase, sale of Ottoman, jewelry and mint products, exchange of 14, 18, 22 carat gold coins, exchange of gold wedges. Nadir Exchange also provides trading services of precious metals such as silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Nadir Döviz that adds new successes to its success every year also realizes sales and distribution of Nadir Gold branded products which aremanufactured by Nadir Metal Rafineri throughout Turkey.