Nadir Metal Rafineri Ranks 18th in Türkiye’s Top 500 Companies Lists.

Annually disclosed and ranking Türkiye’s largest 500 companies, Nadir Metal Rafineri has achieved significant success with its remarkable performance on both the Capital 500 and Fortune 500 lists. In 2022, Nadir Metal Rafineri made substantial advancements, climbing from the 75th to the 18th place on the Capital 500 list compared to the previous year. Similarly, […]

Istanbul Chamber of Industry has announced the list of Turkey’s Biggest 500 Companies for 2021. Nadir Metal Refinery ranks 35th in the ISO 500 list.

The 2021 results of the “Turkey’s Biggest 500 Companies Survey” were shared with the public. Nadir Metal Rafineri ranked 35th in the ISO 500 list. Nadir Metal Refinery ranked 53rd in 2016, 48th in 2017, 65th in 2018, 43rd in 2019 and 60th in 2020 in the ISO 500 list.

A touch to history from Nadir Metal Refinery at the 51st Istanbul Jewelry Show!

A touch to history from Nadir Metal Refinery at the 51st Istanbul Jewelry Show! Istanbul Jewelry Show, the most important fair of the jewelery industry in the region, met with its visitors for the 51st time between 24-27 March 2022 at the Istanbul Expo Center. Nadir Metal Refinery, which took its place at the Istanbul […]

In 2020, which was under the effect of the pandemic, Nadir Metal Refinery ranked 60th.

Ranking 60th among Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises, Nadir Metal Refinery has maintained its stability it has exhibited for years during the pandemic period. Nadir Metal Refinery was ranked 56th in 2015, 53rd in 2016, 48th in 2017, 65th in 2018 and 43rd in 2019 in the ISO 500 list.

Nadir Metal Rafineri at COMEX !

The Commodity Exchange, Inc. (“COMEX” or “Exchange”) has approved Nadir Metal Rafineri Tic. A.S. as Approved Brand for delivery against the Exchange’s Gold Futures and Silver Futures contracts. The Commodity Exchange, Inc. (“COMEX” or “Exchange”) has approved Nadir Metal Rafineri Tic. A.S. as “Approved Brand”  for delivery against the Exchange’s Gold Futures (GC) and Silver […]

Nadir Metal Rafineri ranks 43rd in the ISO 500 list.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), announced its research which constitute the most valuable data for the industry “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises”. Nadir Metal Rafineri, which has been among the top 100 companies in the list for eight years, continued to show its stable stance by ranking 43rd in 2019. Nadir Metal Rafineri had taken […]

Newsweek – Golden Opportunities

Although recent government stimulus has slowed the lira’s depreciation, Turkey’s currency remains under pressure, sending investors and depositors flocking to safe havens such as gold. Gold prices rose by 18% in 2019 to hit their highest level since 2013, and Turkey’s gold market remains a key growth driver of its broader precious metals industry. The country holds the 14th-largest share of global gold reserves, or 20% of the total, while domestic gold deposits rose by 98.5% y-o-y in 2019 to reach TL38.34 billion ($6.32 billion). Market growth is supported by surging domestic gold production, which surpassed 45 tonnes in 2019 to reach a record high.

Nadir Metal Refinery is a member of Shanghai Gold Exchange!

After the visititation to Shanghai Gold Exchange as their guest that was made within the aspect of company’s global growth strategy, Nadir Metal Rafineri applied for a membership and shortly after was accepted as an international member of the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Achieving one of its global goals, Nadir Metal Rafineri continues to expand its […]

Shanghai Gold Exchange Invitation

Members of Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) came together between 10 -13 December in Shanghai at the training seminar of SGE. Being a potential member Nadir Metal Refinery was invited also with the other global leading refineries and bullion banks.

AGJA Conference 2019

The event, which took place on 8-12 October 2019, was attended by ASEAN member countries and sectoral dialogue partners, where more than twenty countries, the most important exporters and the Presidents of the Jewelers Exporters’ Association were hosted by Nadir Metal Refinery as both participant and main sponsor.

Istanbul Jewelery Show March 2019

Nadir Metal Rafineri at “OECD – Responsible Gold Sourcing Training” organized by the Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters Association on August 2019.

Nadir Metal Refinery has participated to the training organized by the Istanbul minerals and metals exporters association with the headline ‘How Will Gold Trade Change?’ on August 29, 2019. Our International Projects Director Behnar Karasen and our Legal Director, Att. Aycan Karagöz has been speakers at the training and gave information about the change of regulations […]