First Blockchain Solution developed in Singapore for the Bullion…

First Blockchain Solution developed in Singapore for the Bullion Market Supply Chain

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Nadir ranks 48th on the ISO 500 list!

Nadir, which maintains its place on the list of “the top 500 companies of Turkey”, holds its consistent position, ranking 19th in 2012, 29th in 2013, 60th in 2014, 56th in 2015 and 53rd in 2016.      

We are well aware ,we are also with you as Nadir Family.

In the name of “Art and Us”, this project which was realized by the Foundation for Education and Solidarity for the Mentally Handicapped in İstabul (İZEV) has put faces of young people with down syndrome onto the faces of world famous 12 paintings.

In order to contribute to the project named “Art and Us” which gaves the message “We are different but we exist, too”, Nadir Metal Refinery has produced a special gold collection which contains six customized, gram of 24 carad gold with the motto “We are well aware, we are also with you as Nadir Family”

All revenue from the sale of 500 limited-produced gram bars will be transferred to the IZEV foundation and it will be contributed to the socialization and independency of mentally challenged individuals.

Products are available at selected sales points and at

You kindly can review the products for detailed information.

Nadir Metal has expanded its field of recycling

Nadir Metal has expanded its field of recycling

Recovery of Precious Metal from wastes

Wastes that may be considered worthless to many industrial enterprises are likely to be convertible into raw materials.

In this scope, we provide recovery of waste under the Permit / License No. 3062, which was obtained from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization by Nadir Metal Refinery.

Document / Certificates

Environmental Permit and Certificate

47th Istanbul International Jewelery, Watch & Equipment Fair

11 – 14 October 2018

CNR Expo, İstanbul Fair Center

Center Istanbul Jewelery Show, which held for 47thtime, gathered many domestic and foreign company visitors  from the gold and jewelery sector at CNR Expo, As being Nadir Metal Refinery, we can say that we had an efficient and enjoyable fair.

Nadir Gold Nadir Metal’s unique customer was at the fair, on the other hand, we were pleased to host our guests who came from Istanbul, Anatolia and as well as abroad. Furthermore, we have had visitors from our country as well as many parts of the world. At the same time, we have had the opportunity to meet with a lot of buyers from Europe, the Far East and the Middle East and many other countries as well.

With the Nadir Gold brand, we produce certified small bars and jewelry gold starting from 0.05 grams which are unique to the needs of the jewelry industry. We also produce Nadir Gold bars and round grams of gold for investment and gift purposes in the range of 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 grams. Thus, at this year’s fair in October, we have met our efforts with our visitors in our exhibition booth with our unique “Relief Coins” products that shows historical structure and beauties of Turkey. On the other hand, the positive feedbacks and great interest shown by our visitors also made us proud.

When we consider the fair in general, we can say that every fair that we participate, brings us new experiences and enables to share our experiences with our business partners.

The first and only Turkish company with a Sustainability Report…

The first and only Turkish company with a Sustainability Report in the sector.

Nadir Metal Rafineri operates in the field of production and recycling of precious metals and provides added value to the country’s economy by making sustainable production.

It paves the way for a sustainable performance for every day to its stakeholders within the values of ethics and honesty in order to make the production inspiring. As a global precious metal refining company and an important representative of recycling, it provides the needs of industries and consumers worldwide. Producing innovative solutions and sustainable technologies with an experience and industry knowledge of half century, Nadir Metal Rafineri meets the increasing demands of the rapidly changing world and carries out its production with the awareness of environmental and social responsibilities without endangering the needs of future generations.

Nadir Metal Rafineri with its headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey and subsidiaries, distributors, in three continents integrates its leadership on sustainability into practice with this report.

Began its precious metal production activities about half a century ago, Nadir Metal Rafineri has adopted the motto ‘’meticulous production; high brand value”, added this working principle to theNadir Metal Rafineri Sustainability Report, prepared based on the year 2016, and aimed to make its activities measurable from a sustainability point of view by evaluating the Company’s performance in environmental, economic and social aspects.

Presenting the high-accelerated growth performance from beginning to day, this report includes customer relations, supply and value chain, stakeholder relations, responsibility understanding, human rights, environmental and social responsibility studies, water-energy management, and greenhouse gas calculations and covers the whole of sustainability principles.

This document, the first Sustainability Report published by Nadir Metal Rafineri, aims to be a means that enhances the communication between the Company and stakeholders, customers, partners, employees and public transparently and reliably.

Nadir Metal Rafineri Sustainability Report 2016



The greatest loss

While living with the painful loss of our founder and master Nadir Tütüncü, the values that our master left behind are the greatest heritage for us., It is our the greatest duty to always feel hispresence on our side and to fulfill our responsibility towards him within the discipline he tought us.

It is our endless desire to protect our irreplaceable loss and value and also carry them to the future with the best possible preservation.

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Nadir ranks 53rd on the ISO 500 list!

Nadir, which maintains its place on the list of “the top 500 companies of Turkey”, holds its consistent position, ranking 19th in 2012, 29th in 2013, 60th in 2014, 56th in 2015 and 53rd in 2016.      

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Nadir Metal Refinery 50th Year



50 years ago when we went out with the workshop team, we acted knowing that we would be at the same position 50 years later. Our dreams became real infrastructure of the facts we have created.

Market stability and employment mobility, which we have created without exhausting developments in our country and in the world in the clearest way, are in line with the economic progress of our country.

We act as an index based on the growth rate of our country with our in-house and off-site work together with a professional team that we create. We contribute to our country’s economic momentum by moving the top spot and carrying a value on behalf of our institution.

From this point of view, while looking at the general framework, we are happy to be true and the stability provided by our country has become a source of pride for us.

Since 1967, we have tried to be representative of the facts we have created and acted upon, thinking of the next step, not of a static dreamer.

We continue to struggle with the excitement of being able to do better every day we breathe in order to create a progressive economy where Turkey has a say, not an economics in Europe, but a local and bold steps in the economics of the country in the following times when the international economy is being dragged on.

Our understanding of business that we have created in the organization rather than being a team from the day is due to the fact that we have started to be a family. As in the past, we are the followers of the mission we created also today. Every year that we leave behind, we have offered unique opportunities for us to renew ourselves. The excitement within us is still alive and vivid like the first day …

Today the 50 years we have left behind, while leaving behind us and many years with the efforts we pay tribute to our country get us hope ..

İstanbul Jewelry Show March 2017

Nadir Metal celebrated its 50th year in March Fair.

Nadir Metal Rafineri, met with visitors at CNR EXPO Istanbul Jewelry Show, which is held for 44th time, on March 16-19, 2017.

This fair, which took place in March, had also a special importance for the Nadir Metal Refinery:

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Galata Tower from 157 Kilograms Gold

The miniature of Galata Tower, which was prepared by Nadir Metal Refinery through using 157,65 kilograms gold and 282,50 kilograms silver, was exhibited at Istanbul Jewelry Show, held at CNR Expo between the dates of 12-15 October. Read more

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s call to “get gold instead of foreign currency” filled the citizen’s pocket.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s call to “get gold instead of foreign currency” filled the citizen’s pocket. After Erdogan’s call, 24 carat gold, traded in 128 liras, raised by 15 percent to 147 liras. Upon Erdogan’s call, the citizens who have exchanged foreign currencies and received gold began to earn in as short as 1.5 months. As of December 2016, 24 carat gold, traded at 125 liras, the citizens flowed into goldsmiths and banks to sell the gold under the pillow when it was trading at 147 liras as of March. Citizens who can not buy gold at the time of the President’s call, continue to make purchases with the hope that gold will rise again.


Goldsmiths reported an increase of 20 to 30 percent in gold sales, Erdem said, ” When gold goes down, people attack gold. We always say that if you will be deceived at these prices and sell the gold and wait for unnecessary time and  lend it to the dollar, do not be in such an opinion. Invest in gold.  Between 2003 and 2016, the dollar had risen by about 2.2, while the gold gained 6-7. Gold always keeps on winning.  Never turn to the dolar. Stay in gold and they will continue to win, “he said. Authorities said, “At the beginnig of this year, gold was 125 liras, now our tag price is 147 liras. As the President of Turkey has said, the citizens must leave the dollar and buy gold. Because gold always earns.

President Erdoğan said, the gold indexed step should be taken in the currency. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan proposed “gold” to get rid of the international currency pressures and said, “I believe that it would be more appropriate to take a participatory finance approach in the financial sector, indexed to the currency or even gold. When we express with gold, we will not be under the pressure of these currencies.”



President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the 32nd Opening Session of The Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC). Erdogan, speaking at the meeting, emphasized that the trade volume between the members of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation should be increased, and “In the next decade, 6 percent increase in intra-organization trade is targeted. I think this is a modest increase. Considering the potential of our country, I think it would be more appropriate to take 25 percent of it. This is not a limit. But it must be 25 percent” he said.


Erdogan argues that Islamic countries should become more resistant to global crises. “In this context, I take care of the solutions that will be inherent in the important crises that Islamic financial asset based approach and moral principles are giving. For that reason we are constantly talking about interest-free. How do we get rid of international currency pressure here? I find it useful to take steps. I believe that it would be more appropriate for the participatory finance approach in the finance sector to take an indexed step in the currency or even in the gold. The volume of the Islamic financial market grew by 15 percent per year. In 2015, it reached $ 2.1 trillion. Let us express them in gold. When we express with gold, we won’t be under the pressure of these currencies. There is great benefit in taking this step. It is estimated that the potential of this system is around 7 trillion dollars ” he said.

The President’s call to convert dollars to gold and the Central Bank’s gold purchase decision created doping effects in the jewelry industry. While gold sales are folding in a week, it is expected that 55 tons of gold,under the pillow, will be given for the economy.  President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s call for convert currency to gold or TL, followed by the decision of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey to start the purchase of physical gold in order to increase the savings rates,  made the jewelery industry take action. The citizen who has exchanged foreign currency attacked gold. According to Betül Alakent / İbrahim Acar from Sabah, retail gold sales increased in a week. With the decision of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT), 55 tons of gold, under the pillow,is expected to earn for economy.

At the gold reserve;

USA is the leading country.

Gold reserve (Ton)

USA        8.133 

  Germany 3.377 

  IMF 2.814 

  İtaly 2.452 

  France 2.435 

  China 1.839


 Swiss 1.040 


 Nerherlands  612.5 


 Euro Zone 508 



It is difficult to make precise estimates of how much accumulation is under the pillow. General Manager of the Turkey Office of the World Gold Council Murat Akman says “I have been in this business for 11 years, and during that time I only saw estimates of 800 tons to 8,000 tons of gold under the pillow. ”

In fact, the figures spoken in the foreign exchange market generally vary between 15 and 40 billion dollars. Assoc. Dr. Mesut Eren, professor of Istanbul Kültür University, suggests that there are 100 billion dollars in foreign currency under the pillow. Capital’s estimates are in a wide range. Accordingly, the amount of savings held under “pillows” ranges from $ 25 billion to $ 100 billion. An economist explains the importance of this amount with these words: “After the February crisis, the IMF announced that it would give $ 17 billion in loans to Turkey, which was very favorably received by the markets. However, the amount under the pillow is many times higher than this. This comparison proves better the effectiveness of this money’s return to the system.


“It’s hard to give up from the gold”

Prof. Dr. Ege Cansen thinks that the money under the pillow ruins the balances in the economy and causes interest rates to rise. Cansen: “When we look at the real economy side, we see that a bigger financial system is needed. There are about $ 100 billion in deposits in the banks. I wish it was $ 200 billion. In this way, the economy will return faster, interest rates will decrease, and the number of firms that went bankrupt will also decrease. ” said.

Murat Akman, General Manager of the Turkey Office of the World Gold Council, in spite of everything, thinks that gold is an investment tool that investors will give up last. Akman continues: ” Gold is a metal that is determined by international stock markets. So people always consider it a disaster insurance tool. And they do not want to leave it.”

Prof. Dr. Deniz Gökçe says that the accumulation under the pillow must be brought into the system in order for the financial sector to develop. Prof. Dr. Gökçe’s views on the subject are as follows: “I think there’s $ 60 billion in gold under the pillow. If we think that this amount is about the total domestic debt of Turkey, we import this gold with foreign currency, we understand the economic damage more clearly. Of course, the amount of foreign exchange under the pillow, which is thought to be 15 billion dollars before the crisis, also increased after the crisis. Although the value of gold is constantly falling, we can not give up. So these gold are not turning into the economy. But if we evaluate these gold in deposits, that is, if we hold it in the bank, the financial sector will grow to a significant extent. Thus, both the financing needs of the Treasury are met and the budget deficit is reduced. ”