CEO Message

Dear Bussiness Partners,

In the precious metals sector, in which we have been operating with our expert manpow for more than half a century, we bear the heavy responsibility of adding value to business partners and our country in the future, as in the past.

Within the scope of our goal of achieving greater success in the international market, we are developing new strategies to show our difference. In all business and production processes, we provide services in accordance with international compliance criteria in a way to ensure full integration with the World and to increase efficiency. Thus, we will be able to increase the quality and growth rate of the precious metal market in our country.

Although the epidemic all over the world has caused tribulation in every field, strong reflex decisions  helped us to keep its negative consequences to a minimum. With our mid to long term plannings and strong stakeholder engagements we target to comply with changes worldwide.

Our Esteemed Business Partners, we continue to move forward with firm steps towards great goals with you. As a global player in the ever-developing world market, we have been working and will continue to work with all our efforts to ensure the sustainability of value-added production and always the best service by protecting environmental, human and social values.

Best Regards,
Erdem Üstündağ