Energy Management

In production and ancillary units, we aim to reduce both energy consumption, costs and environmental impacts caused by energy use in order to optimize and improve our long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

Energy Management Objectives

While we continue systematically our trainings and awareness-raising activities for energy efficiency our primary objective is to comply with the legal and other requirements on energy whisch is related to our company,both at national and international levels.We aim to develop high-performance processes by taking effective energy use into account in all kinds of improvement and design activities. We aim to create continuous improvement in environmental performance by achieving efficiency in resource use, production lines, equipment, auxiliary materials.

Achievements in 2016

Induction furnaces where melting processes are performed in the production electricity is consumed, and the amount of energy used is monitored and recorded annually. In 2016, we decided to renew the induction furnaces in the production site by following technologies developing continuously and globally and made investments in state-of-the-art induction furnaces with high efficiency and reduced workload.

Since started R&D operation in 2012, we have achieved to have a 30% decrease in natural gas consumption being one of our energy hot-spot in the manufacturing. Therefore, together with upgrading to new technology we have managed to achieve an improved work efficiency upto 40%. We have planned to switch our fluorescent lamps with LED lights to reduce our carbon footprint and increase our energy efficiency.