80 % of investment and operating expenses in the precious metal refining business is not expended to obtain the end product, but for the treatment, purification, recovery and recycling of wastes that emerges as a result of the production processes. In order to minimize the burden of its industrial activities on environment, Nadir Metal considers the costs of going beyond the purification limits stipulated in the laws and norms as investments in environmental norms of near future.

Nadir Metals environment policy is not a political attitude; it is based on ethical foundations. In this respect, it is desirable that other companies in the same field would follow Nadir Metal’s footprints both for the environment and for the prevention of unfair competition.

NADIR has all the legally required permissions and licenses such as Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations Coverage Certificate (Ministry of Environment and Forestry), Ministry of Labor License, and Discharge Quality Control License (Istanbul Municipality Waterworks). Additionally, Nadir Metal has demonstrated its precision concerning the environment by obtaining ISO 14001:2004 certificate.

NADİR’s goals and objectives related to the environment:

  • To comply with the environmental legislation in Turkey
  • To ensure measurable and continuous development in all fields relating to the environment
  • To identify the types and damages of environmental effects
  • To minimize the pollution and wastes
  • In this direction, to announce the advancements by setting goals and objectives and reviewing them every year
  • To ensure disposal of the hazardous wastes with minimum impact on the environment
  • To provide trainings for employees and sub-contractors and encourage them to comply with the relevant environment principles
  • To increase the efficient usage of energy and water
  • To increase the amount of recycling by determining the recyclable waste and classifying them in appropriate containers