Management’s Message

Dear Stakeholders,

As Nadir Metal Refinery, a distinguished player in the precious metals sector for over half a century, we take great pride in continuing to contribute value in the future to our country and stakeholders.

In line with our goal of achieving greater success in the global precious metal market, we, as the management of our company, have made the decision to create a new strategic vision. With this vision, we aim to take steps that will highlight our distinctiveness in the industry. We will continue to comply our operational and production processes in accordance with international compliance criteria, targeting success in global markets. Additionally, we aim to enhance the quality of our country’s precious metals market and increase its growth potential.

Powerful support and collaboration from stakeholders are of great importance to anticipate industry changes and take steps towards the future. By working together, we aim to attain a competitive position in international markets. We closely collaborate with our stakeholders, review our medium and long-term plans, and closely monitor industry developments. We are determined to develop strategies that will quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

Dear stakeholders, we are making strides together towards significant goals. As one of the leading refineries in the global precious metals market, we aim to exist while preserving environmental, social, and governance values. With value-added production and top-level service delivery, we are fully committed to working with you in achieving success. We have complete confidence that we will continue to progress in maintaining our leadership in the precious metals sector with your valuable support.

As the management, we continue to advance towards sustaining our leadership in the precious metals industry alongside your esteemed support. With our strong collaboration and mutual trust, we believe in continuing to work together to achieve growth and success.

Nadir Metal Rafineri