Nadir Metal, Among Turkey’s Biggest 20

Nadir Metal Refinery had got the title “the most ascending firm of our country” through entering the first 20 from 19th place to the list “Turkey’s the largest 500 Firm Placement” that is announced by Istanbul Chamber of Industry.


ISO 500 list is being updated every year according to the last year’s data. It has been seen that Nadir Metal has shown an uprising in a great speed when 2012 data is examined. Nadir Metal, which recently has entered among the largest industrial institutions and found itself a place in 2011, on Capital 500 list from 68thplace, has made its name written among the largest 20 firm of Turkey this year with leaving 481 rooted firms behind. The firm, founded by Nadir Tütüncü during 1960s, took its place in jewelry sector with goldsmith work firstly. As of today,  Nadir Metal, that process valuable materials in its advanced technology equipped factory, has the capacity of 150 tons of gold and 200 tons of silver yearly, has reflected its accumulation of years to statistics.

General Manager of Nadir Metal, Burak Yakın, mentioned that even if it has surprised many people and institution, this obtained success is not a coincidence; they had foreseen this success of catching this important point in placement. Yakın highlighted that Nadir Metal, which has the experience of years, has the specialty of being the first gold refinery of Turkey; it hasn’t achieved this success in several years.

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