Nadir Metal Rafineri Ranks 18th in Türkiye’s Top 500 Companies Lists.

Annually disclosed and ranking Türkiye’s largest 500 companies, Nadir Metal Rafineri has achieved significant success with its remarkable performance on both the Capital 500 and Fortune 500 lists. In 2022, Nadir Metal Rafineri made substantial advancements, climbing from the 75th to the 18th place on the Capital 500 list compared to the previous year. Similarly, on the Fortune 500 list, the company surged from the 59th to the 18th spot in comparison to its 2021 ranking.

This impressive ascent of Nadir Metal Rafineri can be attributed to the company’s sustainable growth strategy and its portfolio of high-quality services and products. Solidifying its position as a leader in the precious metals sector, Nadir Metal excels not only domestically but also internationally, becoming a significant player in the global market with its premium-quality offerings and effective management approach.