The greatest loss

While living with the painful loss of our founder and master Nadir Tütüncü, the values that our master left behind are the greatest heritage for us., It is our the greatest duty to always feel hispresence on our side and to fulfill our responsibility towards him within the discipline he tought us. It is our […]

Nadir ranks 53rd on the ISO 500 list!

Nadir, which maintains its place on the list of “the top 500 companies of Turkey”, holds its consistent position, ranking 19th in 2012, 29th in 2013, 60th in 2014, 56th in 2015 and 53rd in 2016.      

Nadir Metal Refinery 50th Year

NADIR METAL REFINERY 50TH YEAR 50 years ago when we went out with the workshop team, we acted knowing that we would be at the same position 50 years later. Our dreams became real infrastructure of the facts we have created. Market stability and employment mobility, which we have created without exhausting developments in our […]

İstanbul Jewelry Show March 2017

Nadir Metal celebrated its 50th year in March Fair. Nadir Metal Rafineri, met with visitors at CNR EXPO Istanbul Jewelry Show, which is held for 44th time, on March 16-19, 2017. This fair, which took place in March, had also a special importance for the Nadir Metal Refinery:

Galata Tower from 157 Kilograms Gold

The miniature of Galata Tower, which was prepared by Nadir Metal Refinery through using 157,65 kilograms gold and 282,50 kilograms silver, was exhibited at Istanbul Jewelry Show, held at CNR Expo between the dates of 12-15 October.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s call to “get gold instead of foreign currency” filled the citizen’s pocket.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s call to “get gold instead of foreign currency” filled the citizen’s pocket. After Erdogan’s call, 24 carat gold, traded in 128 liras, raised by 15 percent to 147 liras. Upon Erdogan’s call, the citizens who have exchanged foreign currencies and received gold began to earn in as short as 1.5 months. […]

“GOLD” under the pillow

It is estimated that the Turkish people have 5 thousands tons of gold,under the pillow. However, since 2011, the amount of gold involved in the system has been kept at 60 tons for the campaign aimed at earning gold for the economy. Despite the campaigns made, the amount of gold inserted into the system is […]

A memorial on Çamlıca Hill – Grand Çamlıca Mosque

A memorial on Çamlıca Hill Grand Çamlıca Mosque The construction of Çamlıca Hill Mosque project began at 29 March 2013; and it is proceeding at full speed along with architect Haci Mehmet Güner and his large working team. By using modern elements in Neoclassical style with reference to architectural manners of Seljuk-Ottoman, the chief architect […]

Nadir ranked 112th on Capital 500.

Capital Magazine which is held traditionally as “Capital 500” gave awards to companies based on research results amongst Turkey’s largest 500 private companies. Capital 500 is the list which determinesTurkey’s largest 500 companies prepared according to 2015 data, Nadir Metal Refinery succeeded in taking the 112th place in the list.       CAPITAL 500 YEAR […]

Nadir ranked 92th on Fortune 500 List!

Fortune 500, which is accepted by business world as referance, determines Turkey’s largest 500 firm, includes financial institutions and other holding firms apart from sectors, announced the list prepared according to 2015 data. Nadir takes 92th place in the list, continued to maintain its stable stance. Nadir is a company that has succeeded in becoming […]