LBMA / LPPM Precious Metals Conference 2015

LBMA / LPPM Precious Metals Conference 2015 18.-20 October 2015 Senior representatives of all sectors of the precious metals markets will be in attendance at the LBMA/LPPM Precious Metals Conference, the premier event in the industry calendar. Now in its 16th year, the Conference adds insight into the vital issues affecting the precious metals markets. […]

The most precious of the exposition “Nadir Metal’s Maiden’s Tower”

FROM PAST TO PRESENT MAIDEN’S TOWER… Dating back 2,500 years, this unique structure has lived through a history which is equivalent to İstanbul’s, and became an eyewitness to whatever this city has encountered. From Ancient Greek to Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, with a history that began in ancient times, it has been able to come […]

The Turkey Eurasia Mining Show

The Turkey Eurasia Mining Show September 08-09, 2015 This year, the 4th Turkey Eurasia Mining Show 2015 conference was held with the participation of mining companies, investors and senior government representatives from all over the world, and also Nadir Metal Refinery. Foreign companies coming from abroad came together on the purpose of obtaining and sharing […]

Nadir, on the Chamber of Industry 500 List at 60th place!

Nadir, preserves its place on the list of “Turkeys biggest 500 Companies”, in 2011 at 127th place, in 2012 at 19th place, in 2013 at 29th place and in 2014 at 60th place.

Nadir made the traditionalistic 2015/q1 “Personnel and Manager Training” meeting

Parallel with the growth of the business volume, Nadir continues to expand and train its technical working, qualified staff. Held at certain times of the year, this meeting was conducted under the presidency of Board Chairman Nadir Tütüncü, CEO Abdullah Tütüncü and General Manager Burak Yakın with the participation of all employees. Trainings contained following […]

An Award from Borsa İstanbul to Nadir Döviz

Nadir Döviz, one of the subsidiary of Nadir Metal Refinery, had another huge succeess by taking 3rd rank award in the “Precious Metals and Diamond Markets” branch regarding transaction volume placement. The ceremony in which12 investment companies that had the highest transaction volume in 2014 rewarded by Borsa İstanbul was hold on the day of […]


Nadir Metal Refinery attended İstanbul Jewelry Show as it does every year. On the second day of the show, Chamber of Jewellery Exporters organized a glorious night at which honorary award was presented to Nadir Metal Refinery’s founder and chairman, Nadir Tütüncü.

Another successful fair; Istanbul Jewelry Show March 2015

CNR Expo, İstanbul Fair Center Istanbul Jewelery Show, which held for 39th time, gathered many domestic and foreign company visitors from the gold and jewelery sector at CNR Expo, As being Nadir Metal Refinery, we can say that we had an efficient and enjoyable fair. Nadir Metal’s unique customer was at the fair, on the […]

Nadir Metal has been the main sponsor

Nadir Metal Refinery sponsored the training hold by Borsa Istanbul and OECD between 26-27 November, 2014 on the implementation of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance on Responsible Supply Chains Of Minerals From Conflict-Affected And High-Risk Areas,.