Occupational Health and Safety

NADIR METAL REFINERY accepts doing what is necessary to ensure occupational health and safety of its employees, meeting all relevant requirements, and providing and maintaining all required tools and equipments as one of its main principles and believes in the principle of “OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY FIRST” Because no work is more important or urgent than the safety and health of the employees. However, all employees must comply with the occupational health and safety rules for proper application of this principle. In this regard, Nadir Metal guarantees to comply with all Occupational Health and Safety legislations (laws, rules, regulations) that are effective in its country, as well as the requirements of the international conventions and the national and international institutions in which it is a member.

NADIR METAL REFINERY commits itself to mitigate the risk of accident and to put forth effort to prevent any occupational diseases by eliminating potential accidents during its activities at their source. Furthermore, it aims to avoid risks with the best known techniques by doing no harm to the employees, nature, and facility. Each employee’s duties, authorizations and responsibilities relating to the occupational health and safety have been assigned and announced. It is compulsory for all employees to take the necessary security measures such as application of the personal protective equipment. Trainings are being conducted along with drills and announcements are being made to emphasize the relevant sense of responsibility. Potential emergency scenarios are planned and preventing potential risks with effective applications is aimed.

NADIR METAL REFINERY implemented a management system to ensure occupational health and safety and its continuity, complying with the requirements of TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standards. The efficiency and adequacy of the system and the measurements are evaluated by internal inspections and reviewed by the senior management. Sub-contractors and suppliers are also encouraged to operate in compliance with the TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard.