President’s message

I believe receiving training under a master to learn the knowledge of the profession is very important. That’s why I always commemorate my masters with mercy and gratitude. But nowadays, things have changed. Especially when you are doing an extensive business such as precious metal refining where there are many topics involved, you have to be the best in all of these. We are a refinery which makes world-class production, which is self sufficient in the context of technology and is capable of recycling its waste. We demonstrate the success of producing Rhodium processing and plating chemicals for the first time in Turkey. We are in the top 20’s of Turkey’s biggest companies. These achievements are not gained solely by doing your work or doing it best, you need to be an absolute expert in your business or sector. You have to conduct your job in the best way as well as provide innovative services which add positive (+) value to your sector. You need to create proud and happy stakeholders, business partners. And this will only be possible at companies which have trustful employees and continuous R&D investments. We keep going by knowing what we do and feeling the power to make it better every day. This is the power of a unity and we are delighted to share it with you.

Yours Sincerely,

Nadir Tütüncü