Sustainability Reporting

Nadir Metal Rafineri operates in the field of production and recycling of precious metals and provides added value

to the country’s economy by making sustainable production. It paves the way for a sustainable performance for every day to its stakeholders within the values of ethics and honesty in order to make the production inspiring. As a global precious metal refining company and an important representative of recycling, it provides the needs of industries and consumers worldwide. Producing innovative solutions and sustainable technologies with an experience and industry knowledge of half century, Nadir Metal Rafineri meets the increasing demands of the rapidly changing world and carries out its production with the awareness of environmental and social responsibilities without endangering the needs of future generations.

Nadir Metal Rafineri with its headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey and subsidiaries, distributors, in three continents integrates its leadership on sustainability into practice with this report.

Began its precious metal production activities about half a century ago, Nadir Metal Rafineri has adopted the motto ‘’meticulous production; high brand value”, added this working principle to the Nadir Metal Rafineri Sustainability Report, prepared based on the year 2017, and aimed to make its activities measurable from a sustainability point of view by evaluating the Company’s performance in environmental, economic and social aspects.

Presenting the high-accelerated growth performance from beginning to day, this report includes customer relations, supply and value chain, stakeholder relations, responsibility understanding, human rights, environmental and social responsibility studies, water-energy management, and greenhouse gas calculations and covers the whole of sustainability principles.

This document, the second Sustainability Report published by Nadir Metal Rafineri, aims to be a means that enhances the communication between the Company and stakeholders, customers, partners, employees and public transparently and reliably.