In 2020, which was under the effect of the pandemic, Nadir Metal Refinery ranked 60th.

Ranking 60th among Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises, Nadir Metal Refinery has maintained its stability it has exhibited for years during the pandemic period. Nadir Metal Refinery was ranked 56th in 2015, 53rd in 2016, 48th in 2017, 65th in 2018 and 43rd in 2019 in the ISO 500 list.

Nadir Metal Refinery is a member of Shanghai Gold Exchange!

After the visititation to Shanghai Gold Exchange as their guest that was made within the aspect of company’s global growth strategy, Nadir Metal Rafineri applied for a membership and shortly after was accepted as an international member of the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Achieving one of its global goals, Nadir Metal Rafineri continues to expand its […]