AGJA Conference 2019

The event, which took place on 8-12 October 2019, was attended by ASEAN member countries and sectoral dialogue partners, where more than twenty countries, the most important exporters and the Presidents of the Jewelers Exporters’ Association were hosted by Nadir Metal Refinery as both participant and main sponsor.

The Turkey Eurasia Mining Show

The Turkey Eurasia Mining Show
September 08-09, 2015

This year, the 4th Turkey Eurasia Mining Show 2015 conference was held with the participation of mining companies, investors and senior government representatives from all over the world, and also Nadir Metal Refinery.
Foreign companies coming from abroad came together on the purpose of obtaining and sharing information about mining operations, prospecting activities and mining legislations in Turkey; and the interest of the international arena was pleasing. Conferences given in an attempt to assess and develop the issues oriented to the future of the mining industry and the one on one interviews with the companies in the international mining industry has provided efficient and successful interactions on behalf of our company.