A memorial on Çamlıca Hill – Grand Çamlıca Mosque

A memorial on Çamlıca Hill


Grand Çamlıca Mosque

The construction of Çamlıca Hill Mosque project began at 29 March 2013; and it is proceeding at full speed along with architect Haci Mehmet Güner and his large working team. By using modern elements in Neoclassical style with reference to architectural manners of Seljuk-Ottoman, the chief architect Hacı Mehmet Güner and his large team created an artwork which has characteristics of;

A Memorial,

A Symbol,

And A Period artwork.

It is expected that the artwork in progress will take place among the most important works of Turkish – Islamic history considering the value it will add to the city silhouette on the direction facing to the West.

Within the structure, a social complex consisting several social areas such as:

Workshops which provide living space for Turkish – Islamic arts,

International art galleries where exhibitions can be held,

Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum,


Multi-purpose hall,

Conference room,

Observation terraces and

Parking garage is being built.


The artwork which will be located on a land of 57,500 m² will consist of a 10,000 m² of mosque, a 7,000 m² of courtyard and 13,000 m² of seatings, park zones and ornamental pools.

Worship services will be provided for 37,500 people in the mosque, and considering the outer court and firm ground, approximately for 60,000 people in total. In addition, a conference hall with a capacity of approximately 1000 people will be also included in the mosque social complex in the scope of this project. Around the mosque, walking trails and green fields are planned to be built.



The four of total six minarets around the mosque will be 107,10 m. Calculated by taking the own proportion of the structure into consideration, the height of minarets which are the same as the time when we first arrive at Anatolia makes the artwork more important. The other two 90 m tall minarets were built in the courtyard side.

The structure which its all gauges has been determined by the golden ratio method is shaped in this direction.

At the Istanbul Jewelry Show CNR EXPO which was held this year for the 43rd time, exhibiting Grand Çamlıca Mosque – the greatest mosque of Turkey – at Nadir Metal Refinery booth will fill us with pride; and we will be honored to see you among us.

The construction of the mosque which lasted for 71 days is being put into final form with the great patience and efforts of 27 master. 75 kg cast silver for the dome, roof cantilevers, minarets and fountain area; 25 kg cast gold for the minaret pillars, minaret balconies and edge finials are shaped with hand looms by our experienced masters; and prepared in accordance with the architectural plans.

The mosque which is 185 cm tall and 85 cm wide has a height of 105 cm. And the material used in total is 233 kg of 680 gr gold, 73 kg of 540 gr silver, 1805 piece of 100 gr gold bars, 1384 piece of 20 gr gold bars and 75 piece of 100 gr silver bars.