Nadir Metal Rafineri Ranks 18th in Türkiye’s Top 500 Companies Lists.

Annually disclosed and ranking Türkiye’s largest 500 companies, Nadir Metal Rafineri has achieved significant success with its remarkable performance on both the Capital 500 and Fortune 500 lists. In 2022, Nadir Metal Rafineri made substantial advancements, climbing from the 75th to the 18th place on the Capital 500 list compared to the previous year. Similarly, […]

Istanbul Chamber of Industry has announced the list of Turkey’s Biggest 500 Companies for 2021. Nadir Metal Refinery ranks 35th in the ISO 500 list.

The 2021 results of the “Turkey’s Biggest 500 Companies Survey” were shared with the public. Nadir Metal Rafineri ranked 35th in the ISO 500 list. Nadir Metal Refinery ranked 53rd in 2016, 48th in 2017, 65th in 2018, 43rd in 2019 and 60th in 2020 in the ISO 500 list.

In 2020, which was under the effect of the pandemic, Nadir Metal Refinery ranked 60th.

Ranking 60th among Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises, Nadir Metal Refinery has maintained its stability it has exhibited for years during the pandemic period. Nadir Metal Refinery was ranked 56th in 2015, 53rd in 2016, 48th in 2017, 65th in 2018 and 43rd in 2019 in the ISO 500 list.