In 2020, which was under the effect of the pandemic, Nadir Metal Refinery ranked 60th.

Ranking 60th among Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises, Nadir Metal Refinery has maintained its stability it has exhibited for years during the pandemic period. Nadir Metal Refinery was ranked 56th in 2015, 53rd in 2016, 48th in 2017, 65th in 2018 and 43rd in 2019 in the ISO 500 list.

Nadir Metal Refinery 50th Year



50 years ago when we went out with the workshop team, we acted knowing that we would be at the same position 50 years later. Our dreams became real infrastructure of the facts we have created.

Market stability and employment mobility, which we have created without exhausting developments in our country and in the world in the clearest way, are in line with the economic progress of our country.

We act as an index based on the growth rate of our country with our in-house and off-site work together with a professional team that we create. We contribute to our country’s economic momentum by moving the top spot and carrying a value on behalf of our institution.

From this point of view, while looking at the general framework, we are happy to be true and the stability provided by our country has become a source of pride for us.

Since 1967, we have tried to be representative of the facts we have created and acted upon, thinking of the next step, not of a static dreamer.

We continue to struggle with the excitement of being able to do better every day we breathe in order to create a progressive economy where Turkey has a say, not an economics in Europe, but a local and bold steps in the economics of the country in the following times when the international economy is being dragged on.

Our understanding of business that we have created in the organization rather than being a team from the day is due to the fact that we have started to be a family. As in the past, we are the followers of the mission we created also today. Every year that we leave behind, we have offered unique opportunities for us to renew ourselves. The excitement within us is still alive and vivid like the first day …

Today the 50 years we have left behind, while leaving behind us and many years with the efforts we pay tribute to our country get us hope ..