The greatest loss

While living with the painful loss of our founder and master Nadir Tütüncü, the values that our master left behind are the greatest heritage for us., It is our the greatest duty to always feel hispresence on our side and to fulfill our responsibility towards him within the discipline he tought us.

It is our endless desire to protect our irreplaceable loss and value and also carry them to the future with the best possible preservation.


Nadir Tütüncü, who used his craftsman’s knowledge by working in the atelier at night and turned his work into artistic composition, laid the foundations of the Nadir Metal Refinery in a workshop of 16 m2 on processing of goldsmiths in the 1960s. Nadir Metal Refinery has 150 tons of gold, 250 tons of silver processing capacity per year. The company is the first and only Turkish company, which breaks grounds in the world in the world to be listed as one of the best manufacturers in silver. Nadir Metal Refinery that businessman Tütüncü founded took 53rd place in the list of , “Turkey’s largest 500 companies” in 2016.

The businessman Nadir Tütüncü who lost his life at the age of 81 narrated his firm as :

It is very important to pass of a master’s table stage to learn the profession, so I always remember my masters in a good way and pray. Nowadays, things have changed, especially if you’re doing a very extensive job, such as refining, and there are variety of things in the business, you’ll have to be the best in all of these things. We are a refinery that can make production at world standards with high technology and also self-sufficient and recycle its own waste in Turkey. With our system, we are recovering all our waste., we are the first and the only company that produce bath and coating solution with the Rhodium metal in Turkey. We can enter into the top 20 list of Turkey’s largest companies.

These successes are not only earned by doing your job or doing the best, but also by being an absolute expert in your work and industry. You should do your job in the best way and offer innovative services that will add positive value to your industry. You must create shareholders and business partners that are happy and proud to work with you. This can only occur in enterprises that that aim for continuous progress and invest in R & D for this purpose and has workers who are constantly kneaded with a culture of trust..”