The most precious of the exposition “Nadir Metal’s Maiden’s Tower”


Dating back 2,500 years, this unique structure has lived through a history which is equivalent to İstanbul’s, and became an eyewitness to whatever this city has encountered. From Ancient Greek to Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, with a history that began in ancient times, it has been able to come so far while existing in all historical periods. 

There are many legends told about the Maiden’s Tower which has been used for many purposes up to the present; such as the Snake Story, BattalGazi, Lion Gate, the Story of Famous Poet NazımHikmet…

The past is our other half. At the previous March Exposition, we said hello to our country and world marketfrom past to present by means of the commemorative coins prepared in memory of Çanakkale victory’s 100th anniversary. This year as well, we prepared the Maiden’s Tower project with the same enthusiasm as the custodians of the heritage left to us. Rather than us, the combination of east and west created by the exerted manual labor and technology was the cause of the intense interest shown by the local and international press. As Nadir Metal, we exist as long as we create a link between the past and the present, and we will continue to be there.

At the CNR EXPO October Fair which was held this year for the 41st time, attracting our customer’s and world press’ attention, the golden Maiden’s Tower hit the headlines for four days of exhibition as the most talked about project of the fair. The build phase of the Maiden’s Tower was completed in 25 days by our craftsmen. For the tower walls which weigh 71,640 grams in total, 100 grams and 50 grams of 24-carat gold; for the roof and housetops, 1 gram of Nadir 22-carat gold; and for the base and domes, 24-carat cast gold has been used. 

When we evaluate the fair in general, in addition to the great interest in the Maiden’s Tower, we can say that we left behind quite a productive exposition period while providing the opportunity to introduce our products to our local and foreign customers as well as having the chance of meeting face to face with our customers who have been growing with us for many years.