Vision – Mission

In private, for the customers and employees, in the general sense, for our country and humanity’s prosperity and happiness, NADIR takes;

Human and social values,
Economical sustainability,
Continuous development approach,
Environmental protection not only as a legal but also ethical obligation
Customer satisfaction,
Benefiting from the latest technology,
Modern business culture

as principles and aims to provide the fastest and most modern service for the jewelry sector and to be a leading company in the international area with increasing capacity besides its leadership in Turkey.

Using latest technology, with high qualified managers and technical personnel who specialized in precious metal recycling, buildings required by the modern age, process infrastructures and laboratory facilities, NADİR is Turkey’s leader in its field, integrated with the vision of continuously improving and protecting these values in future.


Is a refinery with all required permits and environmental licenses
Is Turkey’s first refinery with Environmental Impact Assessment
Is proud of investing 5x more in environmental protection than process investment
Is supporting production and appliance with R&D
Is having social, economic and ethical responsibility not only for its employees and customers, but also for all people.